Total Logistics offers an experienced and professional team that is ready to help – from planning to delivery, and everything in between

It takes a lot of time and effort searching for qualified drivers in the right place at the right time, and insuring your selected carrier has the proper operating authorities and safety ratings – not to mention finding a fair, cost effective price.

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  • Reliability

Company Profile

Offering 20 years of in depth knowledge of the transportation industry, the Total Logistics team is the clear choice for all your tractor service needs.

Each driver is equipped with the following Danatec certificates to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards:


Why Choose Us

We pledge to service our customers in a risk free, effective and timely manner. Our dispatch staff is live 24/7 to ensure quality customer support.

A strong safety culture is promoted through our ongoing and mandatory training programs provided to all staff.

Deliver on our commitment to provide timely and reliable transportation services. We seek to work with transparency and integrity to attain long-term relationships.

We execute our services with highly capable teams to continuously enhance performance and customer satisfaction.

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